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 A)Custom-Made Preassembled Wooden Stretcher Frames:
Order the highest quality preassembled custom size stretcher frames available, milled from clear finger joined Pine. A stretcher bar is used to construct a wooden stretcher frame used by artists to mount their canvases, by Canvas printers for canvas gallery wrap or small-scale embroidery projects. They are a wooden framework support on which an artist fastens a piece of canvas.

Pricing for a preassembled frame is based on width, height and moulding profile. Click on your selection below, then select your desired width, height, and quantity, add the item to the shopping cart to see the pricing.

We recommend thicker frames for larger canvases to insure stability and durability. If the print is very large and the frame is very thin it will be unstable.

Volume discount rates, same product*
Qty 2-5 6-10 11-50 51-100
Discount 20% 25% 30% 35%
* Same product:
ordering multiple quantities of the same frame with the same width and height
Minimum joined frame price is $6.00/frame.
Click on a profile to order a Custom-Made Preassembled Wooden Stretcher Frame:
Small Stretcher
Small Stretcher
Face width: 1-1/4"
Height: 7/16"
Code: STR1
Standard Stretcher
Standard Stretcher Popular
Face width: 1-5/8"
Height: 5/8"
Code: STR2
Medium Duty Stretcher
Medium Duty Stretcher
Face width: 2"
Height: 5/8"
Code: STR4
Heavy Duty Stretcher
Heavy Duty Stretcher
Face width: 2-1/4"
Height: 1"
Code: STR3
1 inch  Gallery Wrap
1" Gallery Wrap
Face width: 1-1/8"
Height: 1"
Code: STR9
Standard Gallery Wrap
Standard Gallery Wrap Popular
Face width: 1-1/8"
Height: 1-1/2"
Code: STR6
Double Duty Gallery Wrap
Double Duty Gallery Wrap
Face width: 1-7/16"
Height: 1-15/16"
Code: STR7
1-1/2 Inch Gallery Wrap
1-1/2" Gallery Wrap
Face width: 1-1/8"
Height: 1-1/2"
Code: STR14
Large Gallery Wrap
Large Gallery Wrap
Face width: 1-1/2"
Height: 2"
Code: STR5
1-1/2 In. Wrap w/ Lrg. Riser & Back Rabbet
1-1/2" Wrap w/ Lrg. Riser & Back Rabbet
Face width: 2"
Height: 1-1/2"
Code: STR12
2-1/2" Deep Gallery Wrap
Face width: 1-1/8"
Height: 2-1/2"
Code: STR8
3 inch Deep Gallery Wrap
3" Deep Gallery Wrap
Face width: 1-1/8"
Height: 3"
Code: STR10
3 " Wide Gallery Wrap
3 " Wide Gallery Wrap
Face width: 3"
Height: 1-1/8"
Code: STR11

 Wooden Stretcher Bar Details:
For Custom-Made Wooden Stretcher Frames we offer 13 profiles with depthes from 7/16" to 3" as follows, for over-size frames above 72x40" please contact us and we will provide a quote, make sure you provide the width, height, profile name and the shipping address, we have shipped large sizes around 120x86" and similar.

STR1: Small Stretcher 1-1/4 x 7/16
STR2: Standard Stretcher 1-5/8 x 5/8
STR3: Heavy Duty Stretcher 2-1/4 x 1
STR4: Medium Duty Stretcher 2 x 5/8
STR5: Large Gallery Wrap 1-1/2 x 2
STR6: Standard Gallery Wrap 1-1/8 x 1-1/2
STR7: Double Duty Gallery Wrap 1-7/16 x 1-15/16
STR8: 2-1/2" Deep Gallery Wrap 1-1/8 x 2-1/2
STR9: 3" Deep Gallery Wrap 1-1/8 x 3
STR10: 3" Wide Gallery Wrap 3 x 1-1/8
STR12: 1-1/2" Wrap w/ Lrg. Riser & Back Rabbet
STR14: 1-1/2" Gallery Wrap
Stretcher Bars Profiles
Corner samples profiles for side-by-side comparison
Joined wooden frames
Sample preassembled stretcher frames composed of high quality wood strainer stock hand glued and nailed using underpinner joiners/V-Nailer ready to ship.
Custom Stretcher Bars
Large stretching frames will be supported by braces.
joined frames ready for shippment
100s of joined frames ready for shipment

 B)Ready to Assemble Stretcher Bars:
We have traditional tongue and groove stretcher bars in certain sizes, these Stretcher strips are pre-cut and spliced for easy assembly and designed so that the canvas is always one half inch from the strip to eliminate "ghost" impressions. The rounded back edges reduce surface friction and allow for a tighter draw of the fabric and a more even surface.

Please note you need to order four sticks/bars for one wooden frame. For example to make a 24x16" wooden stretcher frame with 1.5" depth, you need to order two 24" and two 16" sticks and assemble yourself.

3/4" Standard Bars » Order 3/4" Standard Bars
1-1/2" Standard Bars » Order 1-1/2" Gallery Wrap Bars
  Stretcher Bars: 3/4 and 1-1/2 inch
3/4" and 1-1/2"
3/4 inch Standard Stretcher Strips
3/4" Standard
Profile 1½ Stretcher Strips
1-1/2" Gallery wrap
Stretcher Bars Profiles 3/4" and 1-1/2" side by side

 Wooden Stretcher Bar/Frame FAQs:

Q1 : What is a stretcher bar?
Q2 : What is the difference between the custom, preassembled stretcher bars and the ready-to-assemble stretcher bars?
Q3 : When should I order a preassembled stretcher frame?
Q4 : How do I know which frame depth is best for my canvas?

Q1 : What is a stretcher bar?
A stretcher bar is used to construct the wooden stretcher frame used by artists or canvas printers to mount their canvases. They are traditionally a wooden framework support on which an artist fastens a piece of canvas. Stretcher strips can be made from wood, metal, or a combination of the two. Cross braces are used to provide additional support to the frame, to keep it square, and to help prevent warping and twisting.

Q2 : What is the difference between the custom, preassembled stretcher bars and the ready-to-assemble stretcher bars?
The custom, preassembled stretcher bars come in a larger variety of depths and lengths. They are custom cut, joined and assembled in our production warehouse. They are ready to use when you receive them.

The ready-to-assemble stretcher bars are easy to assemble via a tongue and groove joints. They are joined together when connected and you do not need special tools to make the frame. These stretcher bars only come in two depths and are limited in length. If you are thinking of ordering this type of stretcher bar, please make sure you have all the necessary tools and equipment to assemble the frame. 

Q3 : When should I order a preassembled stretcher frame?
The traditional tongue and groove stretcher bars come as two or three profiles in certain lengths. If you need a custom size (ex. 24-1/2" x 18-3/4") or need a strong profile, then preassembled stretcher frame are the best choice. Unlike tongue and groove stretcher bars that might collapse, our pre-assembled stretcher frames stay square when you stretch the canvas over them.

Q4 : How do I know which frame depth is best for my canvas?
The frame depth depends on how big your canvas is. The thicker the frame is the better it will support your canvas. Of course, there is also a frame brace that will add extra support to your canvases.

If you don't find the answer you're looking for here, please contact us.
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