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 Dry Mounting, Printing & Lamination or Resin:
Dry mounting a poster or photograph is a technique of attaching prints to mounting surfaces by heating Shellac tissue between the mount and the print in contrast to a spray (or wet) adhesive.

Depending on the choice of mounting adhesive, the benefits of mounting may include preserving the graphic from possible wrinkling or tearing, as well as making it easier to handle and display. Please note you have to consider what you are mounting and its size. Mounting, in general, is useful for thinner media (photographs, graphics and fabric).

We offer several different styles of Mounting Boards:

* Foam Boards * Mighty boards * Sintra (Plastic)
* Plywoods * Coroplast * Matboards, Regular and acid-free

Ideas include: Photos, Posters, Awards & Certificates, Promotional & Advertising materials , Prints & Photos, Movie & Sports Posters, Newspapers & Magazine Articles, Blueprints, Children's Drawings, Wedding Invitations, Mission Statements , Charts , Puzzles, Sketches, Maps, Collages, Comics, Price Lists, Letters and Displays.

Large Format Lamination:
Laminating preserves and enhances printed images and posters by deepening and brightens colours, enhances contrasts, protects and waterproofs through encapsulation and protects from smudges and abrasions or other routine hazards. We offer two laminate materials :

  • Matte Vinyl Laminate
    To flattens the reflection of light, glare can detract the value or message of the poster (3 Mil)

  • Matte UV Vinyl Laminate
    Same as Matte plus UV resistant for outdoor usage, slowing down the fading process (3.2 Mil)

  • Dry Erasable Gloss Laminate
    Durable Glossy dry erase laminate for write on/wipe off applications using dry erase markers. Film Material is Polypropylene. ( 2 Mil)

Please use the following "Dry Mounting Price Calculator" for more details on pricing and available media types:

Bienfang / Seal Proseal 4468H Vacuum Dry Mount Press for Mounts up to 44"  x 68"     filename=

Vacuum Dry Mount Press
Working Capacity: 44 x 68 x 1 in.

Dry Mounting & Lamination Pricing:

Volume discount rates, multiple mounting of the same size:
Qty 2-5 6-10 11-50 51-100
Discount 5% 10% 15% 20%

* Minimum order amount is $29.
* Maximum size Guaranteed for Foamcore is 36x24" and 60x40" for Matboards.
* Mounting pricing does not include print price.
* Hanging hardware is included.
* Prices are subject to change without notice.
* All prices do not include applicable taxes.

Mounting materials:
Foam board

- Stiff 3/16" or 1/2" thick clay coated foamboard.
- Lightweight, yet strong.
- Smooth surface resists warping.
Foam board or Foam core ( black or white) is a smooth flat surface, low cost display material for indoor display and signage. Easy to cut and customize it has Styrofoam sandwiched between the two flat surfaces hence it is used for short-term indoor signage. Foam Core is ideal for photo quality graphics or picture display.
Gator Board Foam Board:
The choice for mounting exhibits and signs where light weight, rigidity and warp resistance are a must.
- Strongest foam board available.
- Dense polystyrene foam core has solid wood-fiber veneer.
- Paintable, direct digital print, direct screenprint surface.
- Available in 3/16" and 1/2" white or black.
- Long-term indoor applications.
Sintra: (Plastic)
Sintra is lightweight PVC board. Sintra has a uniform, fine, closed-cell structure that provides a low gloss satin finished surface. They are highly rigid and impact resistant. Durable for interior and exterior applications with a very high aversion to corrosion & water absorption. They are self-extinguishing and flame resistant. Available in black or white, 3mm(1/8") & 6mm(1/4") thicknesses.
Mat boards:
Mat board composed of cotton is typically referred to as "rag" board and is generally composed of separate plies of cotton board dyed for color and layered together in 4, 6, or 8 ply. The thickness of 4-ply is generally about 1/16".
Mat boards
Dibond is the industry's leading aluminum composite material (ACM). It is comprised of two pre-painted sheets of .012" aluminum with a solid polyethylene core. It is light, rigid and super smooth, suitable for mounting straight to a wall and for floating off wall. Wooden sub frames can be supplied for the smaller scales and an aluminium sub frame supplied for the large items.
Please click here
Plaque Mounting Layers

Hanging Options:
Wooden Cleats: Grommets:: Velcro: Framing:

Mounting material comparasion:
Name Color Thickness Material Usage
Foam Board - Foam Centered Black or White 3/16", 1/2" Styrofoam Mount pictures & posters
Gator Board - Foam Centered Black or White 3/16" and 1/2" Polystyrene Mounting exhibits and signs
Sintra - Plastic Black or White 3mm(1/8") or 6mm(1/4") lightweight PVC board Long-term indoor & outdoor use
Dibond white or black 3mm(1/8") aluminum composite Long-term outdoor use
Matboards white or black 1/16" paper Mount pictures & posters

 About Seal Proseal 4468H Vacuum Dry Mount Press:
The preferred choice of industry professionals worldwide, VacuSeal vacuum presses are easy to use, equipped with the latest technology and backed by a track record of consistently outstanding performance. When you want guaranteed quality results every time for your mounting, laminating and texturing projects, always choose VacuSeal vacuum presses.

All VacuSeal vacuum presses feature digital microprocessor technology and touch-pad controls for quick, efficient and easy operation. With three different models to meet various production needs and budgets, VacuSeal presses come ready-to-use for rapid setup and installation.

Featured in every VacuSeal press is a unique Programmable System Controller with six factory installed programs for temperature and dwell time, plus the option to easily preset your own combinations. Digital displays and an end-of-cycle signal let you go about your business and still keep on top of the press operations.

VacuSeal presses are constructed with a sturdy Dura-Box alloy frame that provides a tight vacuum seal and extra durability. A space-saving work surface and maintenance-free vacuum pump make the press even more convenient and efficient.

Any application that requires quality finishing deserves a VacuSeal vacuum press. Whether you're mounting for framing, mounting and laminating for display or texturing artwork for an added creative touch, VacuSeal presses measure up to the job. Prints, posters and other artwork all can be finished off with care and optimum results.

In the hectic pace of the framing business, VacuSeal vacuum presses can help make your operation run a little smoother. The vacuum process removes moisture so you don't have to spend time pre-drying your work. You can even process several pieces of varying sizes and thickness simultaneously to speed production. The micro-processor technology and touch-pad controls assure production consistency and make operator training a breeze. (Pressure 13 psi Working Capacity 44 x 68 x 1 in. [112 x 173 x 2.5cm])

Mounting adhesive: Mounting adhesive is an application for attaching a graphic to a board or substrate. Mounting adhesive types are divided into pressure sensitive(film, tape, putty, foam, liquid, and spray adhesives) and heat-set varieties(dry mount tissue).
Shellac: Natural resin with a low melting point. It is mainly used on dry mounting tissue.
Tack: Tack is how sticky an adhesive is. High tack means that the mounting adhesive will grip nearly instantly, while low-tack adhesive is able to be repositioned and a good choice for layouts and other exploratory projects.
Sheer strength: The sheer strength tells you how the mounting adhesive responds to lateral stress caused by something pulling it sideways, and this directly impacts how much weight it can carry.
Peel strength: The Peel strength tells how strong a bond the mounting adhesive has formed with the graphic, or in other words, how resistant the adhesive is to being peeled off the surface of the mounting board.
Substrate: Literally means under-layer. It can refer to material we print on, or the board we use to mount an image
Acid Free: Paper material with a pH of around 7 are considered to be acid-free. Therefore these materials are less likely to harm the artwork over time. Material with pH below 6.5 or above a pH of 8.5 are not considered acid-free.
Blackcore: A mountboard (mat) with a core that is colored solid black.
Bond: To attach by means of adhesive.
Core: The central 'filling' of a piece of mountboard (or mat) that provides its strength.
Dry mounting tissue: A thin paper coated with adhesive on both sides for permanently adhering a photograph to a support. The adhesive is softened by heat and hardens when it cools.
Dry mount vs Wet mount:
* a wet mount is freshly prepared while a dry mount is pre-prepared and sealed.
* air bubbles can be trapped in a wet mount but not in a dry mount.
* wet mounts cost more than dry mounts.
Release paper: a waxy paper used both when tacking and drymounting to keep the image from melting onto the equipment.
Face Mounting : A special production method (free patent) is used to glue the Photo. In this way the image is protected against scratching, dirt and premature aging. A unique way to preserve photographs and for the presentation of photographs in a museum or gallery environment.
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